Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chemistry Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize

Y. Chauvin, R. Grubbs & R. Schrock
olefin metathesis

W. Knowles, R. Noyori & B. Sharpless
chiral catalysis


R. Curl, H. Kroto & R. Smalley
G. Olah
carbocation chemistry
R. Ernst
nmr techniques
E.J. Corey
organic synthesis
D.Cram, J-M. Lehn & C. Pedersen
structure-specific interactions
R. Merrifield
peptide synthesis
K. Fukui & R. Hoffmann
theory of concerted reactions


P. Berg W. Gilbert & F. Sanger
DNA studies
H.C. Brown & G. Wittig
boron & phosphorus reagents
J. Cornforth & V. Prelog
reaction stereochemistry
E.O. Fischer & G. Wilkinson
organometallic sandwich compounds
D. Barton & O. Hassel
conformational analysis
R. Mulliken
molecular orbital theory
R. Woodward
organic synthesis
D. Hodgkin
X-ray structure determination
K. Ziegler & G. Natta
catalytic polymerization
M. Perutz & J. Kendrew
protein structure
F. Crick, J. Watson & M. Wilkins
DNA structure
M. Calvin


F. Sanger
structure of insulin
A. Todd
nucleotide chemistry
V. duVigneaud
protein hormones
L. Pauling
structure & bonding
H. Staudinger
macromolecular chemistry
F. Bloch & E. Purcell
nmr spectroscopy
O. Diels & K. Alder
diene cycloadditions
R. Robinson
natural product chemistry


A. Butenandt & L. Ruzicka
steroid hormones and terpenes
R. Kuhn
carotenoids and vitamins
W. Haworth & P. Karrer
carbohydrates and vitamins
H. Urey
discovery of deuterium
H. Fischer
studies of haemin & chlorophyll
H. Windaus
structure of sterols
H. Wieland
structure of bile acids
F. Aston
mass spectrometric analysis


F. Haber
synthesis of ammonia
R. Willstatter
chlorophyll & plant pigments
V. Grignard & P. Sabatier
Mg reagents & hydrogenation catalysts
M. Curie
isolation of radium
O. Wallach
study of alicyclic compounds
J. von Baeyer
organic dyestuffs
E. Fischer
study of purines & sugars
J. vant Hoff
chemical dynamics


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